Selecting a location


NoteTo benefit from the automatic location detection, the Location services settings on your device should permit the Access to my location and allow GPS and/or Wi-Fi as the Location source.

Predefined location

If you're lucky enough to be located in one of the 170+ cities that the app has parking zones already created for, all you have to do is accept the suggested location. Once your location is recognized, a dialog like this one will appear:

  • OK: select suggested city and show its zones,
  • Turn off: cancel and turn off future location suggestions,
  • Cancel: do nothing
After accepting the suggested selection, the Pay screen will be filled with zone entries created for that location.

No zone data for location

In case the app has no predefined zone entries for your current location, you will have to create it manually (given that the parking payment method for that location is supported by the m-parking app).

But don't despair, our wizard will automatically create and select the recognized country and city and you'll just have to fill in few zone details (minimum is an SMS number).

  • OK: automatically create and select detected country/city and open a zone creation dialog,
  • Cancel: make wizard cry ;(


Swipe to Places screen and press the  to select the wanted country. Once the country is selected, the icon is changed to When the cities list shows up, repeat the described procedure to select it.

Note: If the country and/or city you wanted to select do not exist, please refer to Basic setup/Creating a location knowledge base article.

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